Wednesday Evening Bible Study Class

Most Wednesdays 6:30-7:30 PM,

beginning on October 14, 2015

Saint Joseph's Hall

145 West Forty-sixth Street


This year we will continue our reading of


The Book of the Prophet Isaiah


The Prophet Isaiah, Trinity Church, Boston, MA


In October, we began reading at chapter 40, as we enter the part of the book known as the "Second Isaiah."

The class is led by Father Jay Smith and is open to all

those who enjoy reading the Biblical text attentively,

while listening respectfully to all the members of the class.

No prior experience is necessary.

The class will not meet on March 23 or March 30.

The class will resume on Wednesday, April 6.



Adult Forum

Sundays at 10:00 AM in the Mission House,

133 W. 46th Street, 2nd Floor

Access to the classroom in the Mission House is through

the Forty-sixth Street entrance to the church.

Please ask an usher for directions.


Adult Forum: Sundays in October

October 4, 11, 18 & 25, 2015

The Two Michelangelos

Michelangelo_Buonarroti_ Jeremiah

Michelangelo Buonarroti, Prophet Jeremiah


October 4 & 11: Led by Dennis Raverty, Ph.D.

Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475-1564), the great Renaissance sculptor, used idealism to represent things as they might be in a perfect world.


crucifixion-of-saint-peter-1601 - caravaggio

Caravaggio, The Crucifixion of Saint Peter


October 18 & 25: Led by Father Jay Smith

Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio (1571-1610), an Italian painter of the early Baroque period, depicted a harsh and gritty reality with all its imperfections.

This series will address the theological and artistic implications of the work of these two painters against the background of their turbulent times. We hope to learn something about our faith by comparing these two very different artists, both of whom created powerful, well-known pieces of religious art. What should a saint look like? What should images of Jesus look like? How do you tell a biblical story using paint and stone? How has art been used to teach and inspire?



Adult Forum: Sundays in November

November 1, 8, 15 & 22, 2015

The Succession Narrative:

2 Samuel 11-20; 1 Kings 1-2


david-and-solomon, Saint Mark's Venice

David and Solomon, Saint Mark's, Venice


Led by the Reverend Dr. Peter Ross Powell



Adult Forum: Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Good Shepherd in Early Christian Art


Christ as Good Shepherd, c. 300-350


Led by Seminarian Matthew Jacobson

In this class, Mr. Jacobson will consider the origins, meaning, and significance of this image of Christ that was particularly popular in the earliest decades and centuries of the Church's history.



Adult Forum: Sunday, December 13, 2015


The class on December 13 has been cancelled and

will be rescheduled for a later date.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

The Adult Forum will resume on Sunday, January 10.



Adult Forum: January 10 & 17, 2016


An early edition of the "Canons & Constitution of the Episcopal Church"


Led by the Reverend Canon Michael Barlowe

In this class Canon Barlowe, the Executive Officer of the General Convention of the Episcopal Church, will discuss the polity of the Episcopal Church: the ways in which the church governs itself, proposes and passes legislation, and elects its Presiding Bishop. He will illustrate his presentation with examples from the recent General Convention (July 2015) in Salt Lake City, Utah, at which the Most Reverend Michael Curry was elected to serve as the Church's new Presiding Bishop.



Adult Forum: January 24, 2016

To be announced



Adult Forum: January 31 & February 7, 2016

Concerning Conversion:

Considering Christian Turning & Transformation

st. paul & st. augustine

Giusto de' Menabuo (1349-c. 1390), Saint Paul & Saint Augustine, The Samuel H. Kress Study Collection, Georgia Museum of Art at the University of Georgia

Led by the Reverend Deacon Rebecca Weiner Tompkins

This class will focus on a number of poetic texts, whose theme is conversion, examining the form, content and rhetoric of conversion,  beginning with the defining experiences of Saint Paul and Saint Augustine, continuing with Alabaster, Donne, Crashaw, and Dryden, and ending with several poets of the modern period, from T. S.  Eliot to Franz Wright.



Adult Forum: Sundays in Lent

February 14, 21, and 28, & March 6, 13, and 20, 2016


The Succession Narrative:

2 Samuel 11-20; 1 Kings 1-2


Saint Alban's Psalter

King Solomon and initial B, Psalm 112, Saint Alban's Psalter, c. 1125


Led by the Reverend Dr. Peter Ross Powell

This series will ask the question, "What does it mean to be faithful when one has power?" The Succession Narrative has much to say to Christians who live in a nominally Christian society . . . What does the Bible have to say about being faithful when one is in the majority and does not belong to an oppressed minority? . . . This year, both in November and during Lent, we will explore the story of the transfer of power from David to Solomon during a time of disunity and political stress. Examining this history may help us to think about our own situation during this particular moment of discord and political polarization.



Adult Forum: Eastertide I

April 3, 10, 27 & 24, 2016


Reading the Fathers


Saint Polycarp

An icon depicting St. Polycarp of Smyrna, who was martyred around the year 155 A.D. The Martyrdom of Polycarp, which we will look at in the class, is an account of Polycarp's death, thought to be written shortly after the event itself.


Led by Dr. Matthew Jacobson, seminarian

This four week class will examine early Christian writings from the first and second centuries in order to explore the history, theology, and spirituality of the early Church.

We will look at several different genres of Greek writings in translation such as a letter, a liturgical text, and a martyrdom account of an early saint.

The class will be structured in a way that we will focus on a different text each week and, therefore, participation will not be dependent on having attending a previous week.







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