Saturday, August 1, 2015


Evening Prayer 5:00 PM

Sunday Vigil Mass 5:20 PM

Sermon by the Reverend Stephen Gerth


Sunday, August 2, 2015


Morning Prayer 8:30 AM


Mass 9:00 AM

Sermon by the Reverend Dr. James C. Pace


Mass 10:00 AM

Sermon by the Reverend Stephen Gerth


Solemn Mass 11:00 AM

Sermon by the Reverend Dr. Peter R. Powell

Danielle Buonaiuto, Soloist


Evening Prayer 5:00 PM





Thursday, August 5, 2015


Evening Prayer 6:00 PM


Friday, August 6, 2015


Morning Prayer 8:30 AM


Noonday Prayer 12:00 PM

Mass 12:10 PM


Sung Mass 6:00 PM

Homily by the Reverend Stephen Gerth



Saint Mary’s is open

and the regular services of the Church

are offered daily.


Please see the parish calendar

for the service schedule.


Position Announcement
Business Manager Aaron Koch has accepted a position at another parish. In his new position he will have an expanded range of responsibilities. We are very happy for him. The job description for Saint Mary's Business Manager can be found here.


Saint Mary's Times Square:
Welcome and Worship

 Saint Mary's was founded in 1868 to be the Episcopal parish church for the new residential neighborhood, then called Longacre Square, here in midtown Manhattan. Our doors have been open daily for welcome and worship since December 8, 1870. Hundreds of visitors discover us for the first time every day of the week. All are welcome. Our members and friends now live both near and far from Times Square. We invite you to join us.



Volume 17, Number 36
August 2, 2015


Since we use the original 1979 Prayer Book lectionary, over the last two Sundays we heard Mark’s accounts, first, of the feeding of the five thousand, and then, of Jesus walking on the sea. In the new Prayer Book lectionary, adopted in 2006, which the great majority of parishes use, last Sunday they heard John’s account of the feeding of the five thousand and Jesus walking on the sea. For the next four weeks, all of us will be hearing almost all of the rest of the sixth chapter of John. This Sunday, August 2, we will all be hearing the same passages from Exodus and from John—though we will have different psalms and different passages from Ephesians. Sunday’s gospel begins with the crowds seeking Jesus. It ends with this verse: Read More

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