Bible Lessons for all Services

The online master list for the ongoing Lectionary Project
at the Church of Saint Mary the Virgin

General Notes
for the Calendar

Eves of All Feasts of Our Lord and of the Major Feasts

Subject to the rules of the Calendar, these feasts are observed at Evening Prayer.

Any variations from the lessons and psalms appointed by the Prayer Book and Lesser Feasts and Fasts are indicated by asterisks in the footnotes of the readings.


Lesser Feasts

Lessons appointed for Lesser Feasts are used at the discretion of the celebrant. Generally, the Weekday Eucharistic Lectionary lessons are used with the Collect of the Day assigned for the Lesser Feast and the liturgical color of the Lesser Feast. The Weekdays of Lent take precedence over all Lesser Feasts that occur during Lent.


The Feasts and Commemorations
of the Church Year

Jan.   Feb.   Mar.   Apr.   May.   Jun.
Jul.   Aug.   Sep.   Oct.   Nov.   Dec.